A Parents' Better Best Friend Helps You...
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Be "The Better" Parent or Grand Parent and Inspire them with Personalized Monthly Greeting Cards and Protect Their Web Name too!

We all Love our Kids and Grand Kids, and they Love Us.  

Wouldn't it be nice to send them a little surprise every month or
whenever you want to bring a smile to their face and joy to their heart?

And, wouldn't it be even better if that little surprise
was done automatically without hassle and
at a LOWER COST than...

If you're not sure what to send on an automatic Monthly schedule, consider using our DosQuotes of the Month Club Holidaze de Jour cards and postcards below in addition to their Birthday and Holiday Cards and Gifts.  All customized with their names printed inside and your photo for a visual reminder of who is sending them Hugs and Love delivered to their door.  

Your photo is on the bottom right corner and when the month is over (or sooner if you prefer) just fold the card inside-out and the'll have a DosQuotes keepsake that may Inspire them for a Lifetime.
We'll send you a sample before starting the campaign.

Click the Holidaze de Jour Calendar to see more...

Click the DosQuotes to see more...

You can even send custom photo cards with their name and pictures for a unique card they could never get from a store... like these

 We have 1,000's of cards to choose from or better yet, make your own with a personal photo and note.  

Birthday Cards... Seasonal cards... Motivational cards...

 "Self Service" subscription rates include video help and tech support.  Copies of DosQuotes and Holidaze de Jour Calendar cards are available at no additional cost, without your photo as part of the calendar, but you can upload your photo to the text portion.
"We Do It For You" Campaigns include DosQuotes & 
Holidaze de Jour Calendar with Your Photo.

If you would like to have these types of services for Your Business, click the links below...

If you'd like to get paid for offering our Greeting Card and Gift services to your friends or customers, CLICK HERE

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