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Internet Domain Names (Website Addresses) are the Least Expensive Real Estate You Can Buy!

Our children and grandchildren are the most important things in the world to Parents and Grandparents around the world. Always have been and always will be.  We proudly watch them grow and savor the moments with photos and happy memories.  

There are many websites where you can post those photos, and they're great sites, but I never felt comfortable having to register or log in to see the photos.  It's just one more website that has my personal info that does not really need it for me to see a photo.  

And this sharing of personal info on the internet got me thinking about how much the internet has grown over the last few years and how important it is to our daily lives for many of us.  Just think of how much more important the internet will become as our children and grandchildren grow into adulthood.  I'm sure that almost all of them will want a personalized online private website or email in the future.  

Now many of you may think that they already have a personalized domain or email address when you sign up with some big company and they assign a user name since your natural name isn't available anymore.  For example, which would you rather have (using "John Doe" as an example name)

www.somebigcompany.com/JohnDoe2984  -vs-  www.JohnDoe.com  
johndoe2984@somebigcompany.com  - vs -   John@JohnDoe.com

Or worse yet, someone else registers their name which just happens to be the same as your grandchild's and you don't like what they post under their shared name?  Have you ever "Googled" your name?  You might be surprised.  

For example, several years ago I tried registering my last name as a domain so my family could all have their own private email and webpage, but our last name was already registered by someone else.  And it wasn't even by a person with our last name. They just registered it so they could rent it back to people like me with the same last name.  Is that fair?  It may be legal and it may be fair, but I didn't like it.   Don't let this happen to you. 

And if the name you want has already been  registered I can probably help you come up with a better version or combination of names.  I ended up registering my full name and even some nicknames for my family and myself.  Another example is with my Grandkids. All their first names were already taken and I didn't want to use full names, (especially for my granddaughters since they may change their last name in the future) so I registered their first and middle name dotcoms.   

With our partner WebBBF.com, you can register the name of your children or grandchildren so no one else has their Web Name.  You can protect their name from mis-use on the internet. You can even set up a Online Photo Album so you can Cherish and Share their pictures and Protect their name for them until they are old enough to use the internet and want a personalized private domain and email address.  

I've registered 1000's of names for others and myself. I'm sure I can help you come up with some good domain names that you would own for as long as you want to own it.  The annual registration fee is only around $10, so it's the least expensive property you'll ever own and can pass on to your children or grandchildren.  And if you already use one of those photo sites, that's OK too since you can keep using them and just point their personalized domain to that website address.

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Lou Valliere
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because it's the least expensive property they'll ever own.

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